Introducing Motitations


As we advance into the 21st century, it’s widely accepted that not only are thoughts actual things but they are also largely responsible for creating the life we live.

I could be said that our thoughts are like programs that run the operating system of our life.

Amazingly, upwards of 90% of the thoughts many of us have everyday are repetitive AND Negative.

Our own thought programs can hold us back in life.

We  get stuck in negative, self-destructive patterns day in and day out by programs that may have been instilled within us as far back as childhood.

While there are many forces outside of us that shape our world, how we assimilate, process and react to the stimuli we receive everyday will play a huge role in the direction life takes us.

If you find yourself struggling right now, consider working at changing the underlying programs that create your life.

If life is good, imagine how much more awesome it could be if you worked on switching out some of those 90% or so self-defeating thoughts with self-empowering ones.

Changing your thought programming MUST take place at the sub-conscious level.

There are just a few ways to do this, one being shock and awe and the other, repetition.

Motitations utilize the latter.

A Motitation introduces simple. life empowering concepts delivered through short, motivational audios that you listen to and REFLECT upon.

Reflection on the meaning of the message requires you to focus your mental attention  onto it which is a form of meditation.

So a Motitation is a MOTIvating mediTATION.

Motitations should be listened to repeatedly and reflected upon until the message is rooted within your programming.

It doesn’t get much easier.

And please, don’t scoff at the simplicity of the messages in the Motitations, remember that we are doing this for the sub-conscious, not the critical conscious.

You program the DEEPER levels of mind so that you automatically think, act and feel on a higher level WITHOUT having to consciously THINK about doing it.

Just listen and REFLECT on the message.

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