Motitations – The Art Of Designing Your Own Mind


Motitations are based on the concept of thought code, pieces of data that are collected through all of our senses during our lifetime and stored in our subconscious.

This data defines your worldview, tells (programs) you what to think about everything, guides your choices, triggers your emotions and animates your behavior.

All that you’ve ever experienced is stored there instantaneously coloring every thought you think, every decision you make and every action you take.

All behavioral change takes place at the subconscious level because that’s where all the data that runs your human program is stored.

Motitations are similar to but a little more complex than simple affirmations because they use analogies and metaphysics to make the learning fun and the programming more powerful.

For example, humans are metaphysical computers.

Metaphysical simply means “above” the congealed physical world that is familiar to us.

It’s the higher frequencies on the energy spectrum that our human senses, can’t sense.

It’s the place your mind lives and operates in.


“If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Your Soul, or Life Force if you prefer, maintains your subconscious, powers your consciousness and all three working together create what manifests to form your physical body.

The sum of these parts make up your “human operating system.”

Thought originates from and is powered by Life Force and is “filtered” through the subconscious where meaning is assigned and emotions are attached.

Nothing means anything to you until you give it meaning and the data in our subconscious is what gives meaning to your world.

Without the data or “thought codes” stored in your subconscious you would have no identity, no paradigm, no memories, no opinions…you would literally be a blank slate.

As humans, true power rests in the quality of the data or information that exists in our subconscious mind.

Suppression of the importance of this and the knowledge of how to optimize your “human operating system” is arguably the greatest conspiracy of our time.

After all, children taught this in school would grow to be powerful, self-reliant individuals who would question the control apparatuses put in place to keep humanity subdued.

Something the controllers do not want.

The quality of your your relationships, health, happiness, success and every other metric of your life is determined by the quality of the thought codes (programming) that exist in your subconscious mind.

Unfortunately often we go though life “downloading” faulty and malicious thought code into our operating system which causes us to operate in self-defeating ways from the bad choices we continue to make.

Unfortunately many of us today are full of faulty programming.

This isn’t surprising since not just you and I, but our parents and their parents and on and on have never been taught in school how it works or the importance of guarding with jealous vigor the type of thought code we let past our “firewall” and into our operating system.

While mind power philosophies may seem alien to the general populace, the upper echelons of the human race are fully versed in the arts.

All mind control techniques like the psychological warfare being used against us today attempts to install programming into us that supports and favors the agenda of the Global Power Structure.

This is in addition to the garden variety consumerism propaganda we are exposed to each day.

Sadly, many people are mere robots running programs put into them by others intent on having control.

Just like a computer, you have a firewall that can help protect you from the mind viruses that effect your thought code from weaponized propaganda infection.

Your firewall is called metacognition which means you become aware of and monitor your own thoughts while constantly attempting to understand the underlying programs behind them.

This is much easier to say than do and takes constant practice.

The first step in taking control of your human operating system is to turn your firewall on today and never turn it off.

Make it a habit to think about the way you think and WHY you are thinking that way.

Questioning through metacognition is a crucial part of defending against the mind viruses that plague our society today.

Like a hacker that tries to break into and install malware on your computer, there are literally thousands of “narrative control managers” working 24/7/365 with one objective, to hack into your mind and install their malware into your subconscious.

Once this happens, the infected person will think, speak, act and FEEL according to the program(s) that have been downloaded into them.

The true pandemics of today are caused by a variety of mind viruses, both spiritual in origin and human created, that infect much of humanity.

The second step in taking control of your own operating system is to start installing your own thought codes into it that will supercharge your life.

This is what Motitations can help you do.

Motitations are thought code you strategically implant into your subconscious using the tools of intention, attention and reflection that you control with your conscious mind.

The first Motitations below are based in New Thought, an empowering “mind” philosophy that was popular in the first part of the 20th century.

Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich was written during the height of the New Thought era and today while rarely if ever referred to as “New Thought,” most modern “success guru” material is rooted in it.

A secret to Motitations lies in their simplicity.

Like a song hook, the simple yet powerful message is designed to keep you engaged and repeating the message to yourself long after you’ve quit listening to it.

Hope you enjoy.

I am I Am

I am I Am

Look through the eyes of the real you and discover your true power.

Promise Yourself

Promise Yourself

Make and keep this promise to yourself and turn your life around.