Recipe For An Amazing Life

by AudioTEACH | Motitations / Inspiration

Lyrics: Christian Larson and Michael Ingraham
Music: David Fesliyan
Narrator: Michael Ingraham

Recipe For An Amazing Life


Welcome beautiful soul I am grateful to have your attention.

The wisdom that follows is as old as time and has been used successfully by all that have practiced it from throughout the ages.

Don’t scoff at the simplicity for within it lies some of the greatest secrets of life itself.

Resolve today to commit these ageless truths to your being and live your life through the wisdom that they instill within you.

Know without doubt there is a great Universal law that promises to give back what you pay out in life.

If you smile, you will be smiled back at so smile at everyone you meet.

Likewise if you frown, you will be frowned at.

Spread happiness and you will be welcomed by happy people.

Be good and kind to everyone and the world will be good and kind to you.

Spread love and you will be overwhelmed by it.

Do this with genuine intent from within your heart and the result will come swiftly.

Commit NOW to never condem, criticise and hate because you will always be condemed, criticised and hated back.

This is the way things work, have always worked and will always work.

It is based within Universal Law.

Know that every thought you think, word you say and action you take is like planting a seed within the Universal Intelligence.

Every seed you plant brings forth it’s own kind.

Anger brings anger
Jealousy attracts jealosy
Hatred breeds hatred
Mistrust brings mistrust
Confidence brings confidence
Kindness brings kindness

If you love , you will have love, you will BE loved.

If you love the world and truly seek all the good that is there, you will be surrounded by loving friends and the Universe will bless you with health.

Know there is nothing in life you cannot change and improve when you learn to manage your thinking.

COMMIT to making these changes within yourself and know that you will be rewarded with wonderful changes in the world around you.

Your body will be healthier, your personality stronger and your mind more brilliant.

You will awlays have more REAL friends by talking happiness than you will by talking trouble.

Remember the less you think or speak of what you don’t like leaves more room for all the things that you do like.

When you have something good to say, say it, when you have something bad to say, say something else.

Practice to only see the good in yourself and the good and others.

And with every thought, word and action, your ruling desire should be to enrich, enable and beautify the existence for all those who come your way.

Know the more of this wisdom that you bring into your life, the more your life will shine and offer you the brillance of the Universe.

It is unfailing Universal Law.