Welcome to AudioTEACH

Many people today prefer to learn by listening as opposed to reading which is why we created AudioTEACH.

AudioTEACH audios are small, easily downloaded and cover a variety of subjects all focused on taking you, the listener, to a higher functioning state of being on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

AudioTEACH is rooted in what could be called science of mind and the higher frequencies of life that are undetectable by our human senses because it is here that mental healing can happen, it is here that the path of your life is laid out and it is here that all things are possible.


The first audios to be released are called Motitations.

Motitations are short audios that teach simple, life-changing concepts designed to be listened to repeatedly similar to how you would use an affirmation.

To learn more about Motitations, see HERE.

Read the Motitations user guide HERE.

Headphones are recommended.

New Thought Motitations

The six Motitations below are based on New Thought, an empowering self-improvement philosophy that was extremely popular in the early part of the 20th century.

A fundamental concept of New Thought is that of Oneness, that we are all connected and part of the whole.

As you listen, it becomes clear that nearly all modern self-help material is based on New Thought concepts.

I am I Am

I am I Am

Look through the eyes of the real you and discover your true power.

Promise Yourself

Promise Yourself

Make and keep this promise to yourself and turn your life around.