AudioTEACH audios are designed to inspire the proper thought needed to initiate the actions required to take your life to an even better place.


All of the AudioTEACh audios are short, simple “life lessons” designed to inspire you to think differently about different topics related to personal development.


AudioTEACH is based on the concept of “thought code.”

This is NOT some new, revolutionary idea.

In fact the concept that our thoughts play a role in the life we create for ourselves is woven into the fabric of esoteric teachings going back thousands of years.

“As a man thinketh” type quotes can be found in religious texts and that concept forms the foundation of most material created by modern day success gurus.

The fact is, a free person will become their predominant thoughts so why not learn to manage those thoughts and direct your life in the direction you want to go?

An un-managed mind is like a rebellious teen, it loves to run wild and free and is easily manipulated by those with intent to do exactly that.

A human being is much like a robot in that the ACTION it takes is initiated by it’s programming.

Every action you take and every decision you make is influenced by your programming.

To change the actions a robot takes, change it’s programming.

To change the actions a human takes, change it’s programming.

Now, substitute programming with thinking.

To increase the quality of your life, increase the quality of your thinking.

When you change your thinking,  you “reprogram” the DECISIONS you make which alters the actions you take.

Thoughts are creative in the sense that they PROGRAM action.

It is ACTION that creates…and destroys on this physical plane we think of as life.

You can sit around all day long in intensive thought and never achieve anything it is only when those thoughts are converted to action does the magic begin.

At AudioTEACH we keep things simple and only deal with TWO levels of mind.

We use the conscious mind to program the subconscious mind.

Think of your conscious mind as the keyboard you access and program your root system with.

Permanent, effective change can only occur when the new programming is accepted into and run within this root system, the subconscious.

Once this happens the program will operate and influence your actions without you having to even think about it.

Manually installing a program into your subconscious requires constant, focused and repetitive effort.

This is the concept behind affirmations, a proven self programming tool that has helped millions change the way they think.

Like affirmations, AudioTEACH audios are super short and designed to be listened to repeatedly.

AudioTEACH audios are much more than simple affirmations.

AudioTEACH audios attempt to teach concepts and life lessons based in foundational wisdom handed down through the ages in a short, to the point format.

“Change your thoughts to change your life” is an undeniable axiom.

Esoteric, “secret society” teachings have always focused on the proper use of thought as a prerequisite for assension to the higher circles of power.

But we can also use it to just stay safe and sane in this crazy period in time we are entering into.



What is AudioTEACH?

A growing collection of short, to-the-point audios rooted in the esoteric philosophies of “mind power” created with the intention to inspire the listener to greater heights.

Is this site "New Age?"


However, AudioTEACH material is based in metaphysics which simply means “above the physical.” 

It could be said that metaphysics explores the same realm as quantum science.

 The Motitations concepts are derived mainy from New Thought philosophy that was popular in the early part of last century and is the foundation for most of the material produced by todays modern success gurus.

Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich was written during the New Thought era in the Unites States. 

Is this about "positive thinking?"

A positive attitude is one piece of the mind power puzzle but on it’s own, is not the answer.

Positive thinking can only take you so far, just ask the monks in Tibet about this.

Positive ACTION preceded with positive thoughts…now we’re getting somewhere.

Do we REALLY create our own reality?

To some extent but not in the way but not in the way all of the modern “Law of Attraction” gurus would have us believe.

If we could literally create our own reality we’d be able to jump into the air and fly unassisted if we wanted to.

But how would we get everyone and everything else to agree with and participate in our reality?

The creation of “reality” as we think of it to be is a complicated process but the good news is that we are co-creators in the grand scheme of things.

Very simply put…

We co-create with the actions we take through the choices we make that are guided by the thoughts we think.

The easiest way to change your life, if that’s what you’d like to do, is to change some of the thoughts that stream from your mind each and every day.

While we cannot change reality we can affect the role we play in it.



Explain the different types of audios

1) Motitations – are based on the concept that thoughts are like “code” that programs our life.

So to change your life, change the code.

Motitations are super short affirmation-like audios that you listen to repeatedly while reflecting upon the message (thought code) contained within it.

Like any tool, the more you use it the more it will work for you.

Motitations are an easy way to add snippets of positive, productive thought (code) into your daily, mostly negative thought stream.

It’s widely accepted that out of the thousands and thousands of thoughts we think on a daily basis, upwards of 80% or more are negative and/or repetitive which “programs” a negative experience and keeps us stuck in life.

Even if you have an amazing life, learning to guide your thinking could result in an exceptional one.

Forcibly adding positive, life enhancing thoughts, even tiny ones, into your daily “thought stream” may cause that stream to flow toward a brighter future.

2) InstructaBriefs – (coming soon) are to-the-point audios that contain mini life lessons that can be used for personal improvement mainly in the areas of health and wellness.

3) Thought Force Audio – Audios that discuss various issues surrounding the topic of mind power. 

4) Guided Meditations – Meditation is the act of training your attention.

For example in the case of a Motitation, we train our attention by focusing and reflecting upon the message it contains.

With the guided meditations we train our attention on having no thoughts and focus on just “being.”