This is AudioTEACH.

At AudioTEACH we create short, powerful and to-the-point audios that can help you achieve a higher state of function so you can live a more meaningful, rewarding and enjoyable life.

You will find two types of audios on this site.

AudioTEACH Audios – These are instructional audios that touch on a wide variety of subjects like…

Success Skills
Mind Power Techniques
Higher Function
Self Reliance

Motitation Audios –  These are based on the concept of “thought code” and are designed to help you “design your own mind” by implanting desirable code into your subconscious.

Guided Meditation Audios – Meditation is the act of training your attention.

For example in the case of a Motitation, we train our attention by focusing and reflecting upon the message it contains.

With the guided meditations we train our attention on having no thoughts and just focus on just “being” because hanging out in the “great big nothing” has tremendous benefits and it’s fun too.