Mental Healing 101 - Builder Of The Body

by AudioTEACH | Motitations / Inspiration

Lyrics: Christian Larson and Michael Ingraham
Narrator: Michael Ingraham

Mental Healing 101

Builder of The Body


One secret to robust health is not to get your body well but to get your mind to realize its wellness, and to realize your inner sources of life.

When this is accomplished fully, your body will take care of itself.

Our subconscious mind controls the involuntary functions of our body such as the beating of our heart, the contraction and expansion of our lungs, and the digestion of food.

We don’t have to think consciously about these things; they are automatically done unconsciously.

A key concept of this Motitation is this, the subconscious mind is the builder of your body…

Under its direction new cells are constantly being born to take the place of those which have finished their work and are passing away.

New cells in all your tissues and organs, new heart cells, lung cells, nerve tissue and so on are being born each moment.

As every action consumes energy and then produces waste in the system, the subconscious mind must busy itself with carrying away the waste through the blood, pores, kidneys, lungs, and so on, while at the same time work on building new cells to take the place of the old.

Our fingers, for example, would quickly wear out if they were made of steel, but being made of living flesh, they need never wear out for they are repaired daily by the builder of the body.

This amazing activity is constantly going on within us, asleep or awake, all of which we are entirely unconscious of.

Billions of tiny servants of the system all working and performing their individual tasks, all knowing exactly what needs to be done to keep you healthy and vibrant.

It is literally true that “every day is a fresh beginning and every morning is the world made new,” for we rise with a renewed body, one always being reconstructed with every organ and every tissue constantly being rebuilt over the course of a days, weeks and years.

While you are not ever conscious of this activity at the same time it is because this activity takes place that a new body can be “demonstrated”; for under the stimulus of faith and understanding a definite impression of health is made on each new cell as it is born and thus the organ is made whole.

Now this Is important…

All of these recreative agents are very susceptible to mental attitudes and reflect our thought either for health or disease.

For example, our immune cells are our soldiers tasked with the destruction of dangerous germs that may be circulating in our blood.

These little warriors approach the foreigner, encircle it, squirt it with H2O2 to soften it up and then proceed to eat it.

But if we are mentally depressed and negative, this can effect these immune cells and the bad guys start winning the battles which can result in big trouble.

Remember this…

While the subconscious does it’s own thing without needing direction from us, its functioning is entirely under the control of the impressions made upon it.

That is, it acts as the creative agent, naturally along the line of health and re-creation, which is native to it; but, on the other hand, it has no purpose of its own apart from the objective mind; and if the objective mind gives it impressions of disease, imperfection, fear, worry, pain, and so on, it begins at once to create accordingly.

We see, therefore, that the subconscious mind is entirely impersonal; it has no purposes of its own.

Again, it is subject to control by suggestion; and, finally, it is entirely deductive.

By deductive, I mean that it takes any suggestion given it and then works out the complete idea without any further help from the objective mind.

You perform a mental healing treatment by giving the idea or concept of perfect health to the subconscious mind that will immediately implement the suggestions with perfect expression throughout your body.

Remember these facts about your healing mind: it is creative, impersonal and deductive.

The body manifests health and happiness when the creative mind is given only the highest and most perfect ideas and ideals.

If you do not know what is best to suggest to it, shut out all negative thoughts and let it alone; its tendency is toward health.

…and remember…

Disease and all the ills of life come from a sense of separation from your life giving Life Source.

There can be no real separation since all is one; but a feeling of separateness is at the base of all discord and unhappiness.

To restore health it is necessary only to make our unity with the Life Force… the Universal Mind that is over all, through all, in all and of us all.

Your pain is not in your leg but in your mind; your rash is not on your arm but in your thought.

And when the thought has been completely changed, you will find that there is no pain at all.