Break Your Mental Chains


The physical world that we see and experience manifests from the metaphysical world

Metaphysical simply means “above” the physical.
It’s the energy world, the world of quantum mechanics.

Your life and the physical world you know is like a tiny raindrop in an enormous universal ocean of energy that we are unaware of simply because our human senses cannot detect it.

For example our eyes are sensors that pick up a very, very narrow band of frequency to produce the world that you see…

This is the same for our ear sensors, touch sensors and so on.

Just because we don’t experience it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Like Nikola Tesla said…

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

According to metaphysics and quantum science there is a vast underlying field of energy that connects everything.

Your mind and your heart are both antennas sending information out into and receiving information back from this field of life.

When we think a thought the energy radiates from you, impresses upon and causes a reaction on the Field.

This is what’s known as the Law of Cause and Effect.

Science has shown that the energy that radiates from your mind and your heart can effect the way atoms behave, the building blocks of your physical world.

Beliefs are the architects of our lives expressed through thought and powered by emotions which can be thought of as energy in motion.

Often we get stuck in patterns with our thinking and have the same thoughts day in day out which is why our lives always stay pretty much the same.

This chains us to mediocrity.

Because beliefs drive what we think and because we root most of our beliefs in information we get from other people like teachers, parents, friends, social media, the news, experts and so on and because either unintentionally or in the case of what goes on today, often intentional, this information is not true so we end up building our reality on false beliefs.

This chains us to mediocrity.

If that’s not bad enough, many people today have weak thought force so when their thoughts impress upon the Fields, there is not much effect.

Having weak thought force opens us up to having our thoughts hijacked by the narratives of others both individuals and organizations with strong thought force.

This creates phenomena like group think and hive mind.

This chains us to the ambitions of others and the perception thus reality they intentional create for us.

This is easy to do with those of us that have never had training in how to manage our thinking.

Manipulating the unseen to create desired outcomes in the seen is a subject of study for all students being groomed to take a place in the ranks of the ruling elite.

While the study of developing a fit, healthy mind and heart capable of affecting the fields in an empowering way has been kept out of the working class public schools, the literature on this subject is vast and hidden in plain sight.

Here’s a secret.

Learning how to harness the energy of your mind, sync it with the energy of your heart and then focus this energy out onto the Field to create, through the Universal law of cause and effect, the life you choose, is the greatest skill anyone can acquire.

Thought Force Audio wants to help you do that.

The concept of how to do this is simple.

Every day only about 5% of our thoughts involve the conscious creative mind in the here and now.

The other 95% is our sub conscious running on auto pilot.

Much of this programming involves negative and repetitive thought patterns we’ve had all our lives, many since childhood.

I call this thought code because it programs our life often without us even knowing it.

What if we could force a small piece of empowering thought code into the giant memory bank of our mind so that it changes the operating system and creates a positive effect in our life?

At Thought Force Audio we can do this by introducing empowering “concepts” in the form of short, powerful audios into your conscious and sub conscious, and like code injected into a program, will produce a change in the program, or in this case, your thinking.

It overwrites an old way of thinking to produce a positive effect in your life.

We can do this with Thought Codes which I described in another audio and Motitations which is an enhanced process designed to get your sub conscious to accept the new Thought Code.

I’ll be introducing these audios on Michael’s meditations as Motitations.

Until then may your thoughts be happy, healthy and empowering.