The American Disease Machine

My mission with Thought Force Audio is to help you strengthen your body, mind and spirit and I believe that the only way to do this is for you to break free of something I call the American Disease Machine.

One mistake I believe people who are trying to ascend make is that they think that by focusing just on the positive, the negative will go away.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like this.

The Law of Polarity says that every this has it’s that, if there’s up there’s also down.

Ying and Yang.

Positive and negative.

And in the case of human perception, good and bad.

Remember that we are co-creators in this experience and the “co” in co-creators means that there are others that contribute to your experience.

Sometimes others, while co-creating their own experience, do not have your best interest in mind.

Ignoring this will not make it go away nor will meditating an extra hour each day.

Unfortunately today there are dark forces that if left unrecognized could harm our health.

It becomes much harder to ascend physically, mentally or spiritually if you are distracted by disaese in or sections of that trinity.

In the future I will probably refer to “The Machine” quiet often which I believe is THE most pervasive dark energy we face today simply because it’s very powerful and very dangerous to our health.