Programmers Programming People


Comparing Hitler’s propaganda machine with the one that operates in the United States today is like comparing a 90’s flip phone to the latest Iphone.

While the phychological tactics are similar, the delivery methods are superior.

Thought Force Audio focuses on energy, frequency and vibration which is where Tesla said the secrets of the Universe are found.

All three of these are characteristics of the mind.

While I want to keep this site positive, uplifting and constructive, it’s pointless to provide tools for enhancing the mind without talking about the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

That gorilla is mind manipulation or mind control through the use of propaganda.

As someone who has had an interest in this subject for some time, it’s easy for me to see what’s happening in our world today.

I want you to be able to see this too.

The first thing to understand is that it’s very easy for less than honorable people to manipulate the human mind.

The organizations they belong to have spent fortunes and have literally tortured people over decades in their pursuit to perfect it.

Propaganda is the intentional influencing of thoughts and resulting actions done in such a way that those influenced have no idea it’s happening to them.

Social engineering is the use of propaganda to manipulate entire populations.

It’s the literal programming of humans and it’s created a society of reactionary people acting on impulses created within them by other people with the intent of doing exactly that.

Programming so powerful and concise that it can turn an individual into a robotic, empty shell that simply plays out the programming that’s been downloaded into it.

You can never be yourself when you are chained to the ambitions of other people.

While your head can be fooled, your heart cannot and when there is disharmony between the two, self conflict will persist.

It’s the primary reason we have so much despair, depression and hoplessness in our society today.

It’s also a major cause of disease.

In the original script for this audio I described exactly who is behind the mind control machine today and the agendas they are pursuing.

Unfortunately the length of the audio turned out to be Godzilla sized and there was simply no way to keep politics out of it so I decided to cut the who’s who out and simply talk about a few of the ways we are being manipulated today.

This topic is important because if you are unhappy and dissatisfied with your life it may be because what you feel in your heart, you true self, is in conflict with your thoughts which might be the product of manipulation.

Again because it’s so important…

While our minds send out energy our heart does too and it’s much more powerful. When the vibes coming from your heart and the ones coming from your mind aren’t in tune, this is called interference which will cause disharmony in your life.

To be true to yourself requires that you shake the influence of others who’s beliefs don’t align with your own.
From this day forward start to look for the mind control tactics used by the programmers on you to further their agendas.

Here are some ways they do it.

Programmers take full advantage of the fact that gender bias, racial bias, age bias, and status bias, naturally exist in humans even though most people today are not as racist, sexist or homophobic.

However the programmers try hard to make you believe that they are.

Continued presentation of these issues is propaganda meant to cause division, distrust and destabilization.

Racism and victim hood are two powerful tools the programmers are using against us today.

It’s designed to polarize society and further an an agenda.

People in a divided society focus their hate on each other instead of the real problem, the programmers.

Another propaganda tool used by the programmers is the superior / inferior approach

A superior, for example your doctor, makes a suggestion to you, the inferior who will probably accept it because we’ve been programmed to accept without question the advice of credentialed experts from all fields as long as they have a few letters after their name.

After all, we all know, doctors know best.

Numbers and statistics is another method used to further an agenda.

People are known to be receptive to information presented through data.

Today it’s easy to see how the programmers are using the numbers and statistics technique with the superior inferior / technique.

Health experts, the superiors, presents numbers and statistics to the inferiors, us, and we are expected without question to accept it because, well, you know….they’re superior.

Beware of experts and remember education does not equal intelligence especially when an agenda is involved.

Another powerful propaganda tool the programmers use is called talking points.

Like Hitler said, “Effective propaganda must be confined to just a few issues which can be easily assimilated. Since the masses are slow to comprehend, they must be told a thousand times.”

Political talking points are pure agenda packaged in small simple statements and repeated over and over.

This is why you hear political operatives and media talking heads repeat the same thing virtually word for word over and over again.

Word for exact word talking points designed and released into the thought streams of society and repeated mindlessly for the purposes of mind control and of achieving a desired outcome.

Big media in America was compromised decades ago and is main propaganda delivery mechanism for the programmers

Stop being faithful to and blindly believing that which intentionally deceives you.

Sure, there’s bias in grass roots media but it’s magnitudes less than with the old guard legacy media.

Often you will see people justifying their hate for someone or something based on viral standard issue talking points they pick up from social media.

The only reason they hate is because they’ve been told they should.

They don’t know why only that they are being told this is what they should do.

If you feel hate for some group of people today, as someone who’s studied propaganda for years, I promise you that this hate is created inside you by less than honorable people who want to divide us to further their agenda.

If you have it, release it and you’ll feel amazing.

Then we have mind manipulation techniques like omission which is the act of keeping important, relevant information from you. It’s not just the lies the programmers tell but the truths that they hide.

Deflection – This usually involves the creation of a manufactured crisis designed to remove attention from a different issue considered unsavory by the programmers.

False flags are a classic deflection device.

And then we have censorship.

Think about this.

The Programmers don’t censor opposition voices to protect you from lies, they censor dissenting voices to protect themselves from the truth.

Be highly suspicious of those who censor others it’s a sure sign they are suppressing truth.

The same exact elite programmers that makes up the 1% and cause most of the discontent and chaos in our world today are trying to fool us into believing that they are on the side of the oppressed.

That they stand with this group or that group.

This is a great lie.

Programmers don’t care if their message is right or wrong, good or bad, a truth or a lie, only that it is consistent and effective at promoting their agenda.

To the programmers, we are all useless eaters.

As a people we need to stand against our oppressors… not each other.

Today we are in the middle of a psychological operation the programmers have used repeatedly throughout the years to further their agenda.

It goes like this.

Create a problem either real or perceived that produces a reaction after which a solution is provided.

A solution that always benefits the ruling class AKA the programmers.

Can you see how all this works?

My mission with Thought Force Audio is to show you ways to use thought to improve your mind, body and soul.

To do this, you have to understand that there are many, many people today trying to influence your thoughts by whatever means necessary.

In closing I’d like to offer a quick quote by a guy named Edward Bernays who is usually referred to as the father of public relations in America.

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.

Think about that for a moment.

This in Michael and until next time remember to guard your thoughts, because they really are you most precious possessions.