What is thought code?

At Thought Force Audio I’m going to be talking a lot about thought code so in this quick audio I’m going explain what that is.

In the same way computer code instructs a computer, thought code instructs a human.

Using this analogy makes it easy to understand our programming and easy to change it if we desire to do so.

Your mind is a thinking machine.

In fact it’s designed to do this. Just try to stop thinking for just 20 seconds.

You think thousands of thoughts every day and these thoughts are designing your life along the way.

Strings of connected thoughts are a lot like computer programs.

The programs that run your life.

You have thought programs for everything you’ve ever experienced stored in a vast filing system within your mind.

For example…

We all have a file on dogs.

Inside this file are programs that tell us everything we know about dogs.

Like a computer program that’s built with code, individual bits of information and instruction that describe dogs to us are strung together to form the program that instructs us what to think, feel and how to react when we encounter a dog.

I call these bits of information thought code.

When two or more thought codes are strung together it creates a program although a single piece of thought code can also cause an effect within us by itself.

Let’s say you encounter a pit bull walking down the street.

Here’s a thought program constructed with thought codes…

Large pit bull > brown and white > aggressive breed > one bit Tonya last year > one killed a toddler in Miami a long time ago > RUN!

When you see a pit bull, you don’t consciously think all those things your program just kicks in and you run.

Programs also conjure emotions not just actions.

Now, let’s take another person with a completely different dog file on pit bulls.

Large pit bull > brown and white > owners are the problem, not the dogs > obedient > Uncle John’s pit bull Spartacus is so cool > Come here doggy!

Same big, brown and white dog with two completely different reactions based on the programming of each individual.

Every experience we’ve ever had and every thing we’ve ever encountered has a file full of these programs that we refer to for guidance on how to think, feel and act about everything we encounter every moment of each day or our life.

In fact we don’t do anything without referring to these files for guidance on what to do.

Your conscience maintains a constant feedback loop with these files in your sub conscience.

A thought code can be one word > brown > a sentence > Uncle John’s pit bull Spartacus is so cool > or even a paragraph.

It’s simply information whether a single word or a larger concept that influences the outcome of the program it’s contained within.

The thing is, often our programs are built with faulty code which keeps us back from reaching our full potential.

You can change your life for the better by replacing old, dis-empowering thought code or by simply adding new code into the programs that go on to design your life.

AudioTEACH can help you with this.

Thanks for listening,